Conquerors Homes Property Development Services

Conquerors Homes Property Development Services is an arm of the Conquerors Homes group, changed with the responsibility of developing properties acquired by customers of Conquerors Homes Limited from start to finish.

It is the arm of the Conquerors Homes group that comprises of skilled professionals that having bought your land, they can help you build that dream house, office, shopping complex, school etc as desired by the customer with the latest technology as well the modern equipment to give our customer’s structures class in the site of construction.

It is made up of skilled professionals like civil engineers, architects, quantity surveyors and others, so as to give our esteemed customers the best structures on their sites (Lands) taking up the entire construction works from foundation level to it completion at the desired period of time.

Conquerors Homes property development services include but are not limited to the following, namely:

  • Corner piece
  • Title/document and processing
  • Land survey
  • Customized architectural design
  • Bill of quantity
  • The 1000 block initiative
  • Material schedule
  • Shelter + Initiative
  • Watch it grow
  • Consultants