Conquerors Homes Estate-Agbara is located along Agbara industrial Road, it is 20meter drive from Agbara round about
All our estate are located on dry Ground
Yes in our estate you can only build bungalows duplexes designed to your taste, except on commercial plots where you can do otherwise.
After the Payment of the initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly and non-payment as at when due will be treated as fundamental breach of contract which can result to termination or revocation of contract after an agreed extra grace period given to you [client]
The Money you paid covers your plot/Acres[s] within a full fenced estate with government approved layout, Reciept of Payment, contract of sales and allocation letter
Yes, you will still have to pay a one-time development levy which covers for Electricity, water drainage Tarred road, and all general development areas. This will be fixed by the estate board and is only payable when you want to start building your plots.

*Also when you pack in, all residents will also pay a monthly due to cover security and refused disposal

All Our projects are Estate Development, fully fenced with government approval and hence there is no problem with the Omo-nile because the estate has settled all that need to be settled on your behalf.
NO! The Estate board has the sole authority to allocate you as they deem fit. However you can make a request and it will be considered as a priority based on availability and other factors
Yes, Development have started in our estate and other neighboring estates and projects like Universities, factory, etc. are being developed already. Few people have started making plans to start to build bungalows for acres within the estates and plans for that one in top gear already
Yes you can but expenses already incurred will be deducted from your principal paid after the 90days of notice has to be given by the purchaser for the vendor to process the refund, if at the end of the notice the refund is not ready. After which the purchaser shall get refund of total money paid less 30% administrative expenses.
Global Touch Unique concept Ltd can buy back plots from subscribers who have paid up on their land or assist to get a buyer or you can bring a buyer. A charge of 10% [Agency fee] is deducted from purchase/selling current price in both cases.
All allocated plots have a minimum of five years after each estate commence to either resell or to start development. Your allocation paper will state how long you have. Any unsold or undeveloped plot at the expiration of due time will be sold and your original money will be refunded.
Yes, there will be total sum of ₦200,000 for individual survey in their names, deed of assignment, and documentation of plots purchased [after or immediately] and as well as Global C of O.
We advise that cash should be paid by subscribers to Global Touch Unique Concept Ltd Bank Account ONLY. While cheque should be issued in favor of Global Touch Unique Concept Ltd.